Sunday, January 2, 2022

StarPodTrek Episode 15

If you grew up in the '60s, '70s, or '80s, you will love StarPodTrek! 

On this epic episode of StarPodTrek, we consider the Star Trek and science contents of Starlog magazine in issues 29 and 30 from 1979.

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On this episode, Bob Turner & Kelly Casto discuss the Susan Sackett penned Star Trek Report. What happens next? Stay tuned for their new podcast coming soon!

Star Trek fan film producer Joe Cepeda informs us on what it is like to make your own movie. Check out the Nature's Hunger series to see what Joe has been up to!

Rex Wood chimes in to talk about TMP Director Robert Wise.
Starfleet Command is the oldest Star Trek fan orginazion in the world. Join us!

Scott Brown and Roberta Vincent discuss the Star Trek toys and merchandise of 1979 & 1980.
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Marty Abrams, "Doctor Mego" Paul Clarke, and Frank Wojo offer more insight on the Motion Picture action figures. Look out for more Mego products in the future!

Long time fan Bob Vosseller considers excerpts from Walter Koeneg's new book: Chekov's Enterprise.

Also, Designer Harold Michaelson, The Questor Tapes, and more!

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