Monday, May 9, 2022

Crazy, Crazy Mornings

I make pancakes for my wife every Sunday morning and serve them to her in bed. It’s my way of saying thank you for all the hard work she does during the week. I Walk Alone into the kitchen and try to make them different each time so that she gets to enjoy different flavors and textures. I was so happy to discover Bruce Kulick’s website for pancakes It has so many delicious new ideas. My wife really likes the pancakes with oat milk recipe because it’s healthy and yummy. They are light, fluffy, and Rise To It. Are there only recipes for pancakes? No, No, No! I also like Kulick’s french toast website https:
French toast is fun and easy to make. I like making it with brioche bread for extra thickness and flavor. Bruce Kulick’s favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe looks like another winner I can’t wait to try this. Chocolate chip cookies are another favorite in my house. And for another classic dessert, Bruce has an apple pie recipe My wife and I love apple pie with ice cream. Any Way You Slice It, with summer coming up, it’s the perfect time for this! Bruce Kulick has always been a great guitarist, but who knew he could make delicious recipes too?
I Just Wanna.... make pancakes!

By Nayr K'Cep

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