Monday, May 16, 2022

StarPodLog #19

If you grew up in the '60s, '70s, or '80s, you will love StarPodLog!

On this exciting episode of StarPodLog, we expand on the sci-fi and fantasy content of Starlog issues 37 and 38 from 1980!

Read along with your personal issue from your collection or for free here:

Mike Jones fills us in on actor Harrison Ford as he returns to portray Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back! Mike and his wife Kyleigh costume as Han and Leia in The Rebel Legion:

Kevin Lentz tells us about the fun hobby of collecting movie soundtracks and story books on vinyl. Listen to the record that Nayr mistakingly bought here:

Check out Kevin's Facebook group, Star Wars Records and Tapes: more record info:
Dave Kaufman enlightens us on the resurgence of interest in Space Music. Find out more about ambient electronic music from Horizon Music:

Background music for this segment is used with permission and is preformed by Bil Vermette

Paul Mount gives us a history about Doctor Who writer Terrance Dicks. Paul's new book, Krynoids: The Root of All Evil, is available here:

Flynn Hendrix reports on the wrestling highlights from 1980. Find out more about Flynn at:

That Junkman considers how David Gerold trashed The Empire Strikes Back! Don't forget to subscribe to the Junkman's YouTube channel:

Plus: Close Encounters of the Third Kind Special Edition, Buck Rogers' Tim O'Connor, music from 1980, ICCC, and more on this episode of StarPodLog!

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Horror and Cult Classic movies? Then check out the Shocking Things podcast. We highly recommend it!

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Did you ever wonder what KISS would sound like if they continued to record and release music that had that had that Love Gun era sound? Look no further than Klassik '78!

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